Shopping Event for Dog Groomers

So today I took myself off to Groomfest, a dog grooming event held in The Kennel Club, Stoneleigh.
It is about all the new and exciting products for dog grooming professionals. It is also a great place to see new techniques being used as well as meeting other dog groomers to socialise and share our knowledge. Lots of fun and one of the occasions I look forward as generally I always leave with either new products to try or gaining a new skill to use in TinyPaws HQ 🙂

Time to empty that piggy bank!

The first thing I did was go and meet Colin Taylor. He is a very well respected person in the dog grooming world. I have always looked to him for inspiration.
I met up with one of my friends,  Kelly, the owner of Doggie Delights  (Romford). She is a very special friend who is always there for me on the other end of the phone when I have questions 🙂

There were so many new products which will be perfect for my 4 legged clients!  Some of these were tools for me to work better and others were special items such as sensitive dog skin shampoos.


Bet you don’t have boots like these!

Some extra pics.