Description of service

 I start by checking the coat and the body, running my hand all over the dog while I have a chat with the owner to see if there are any issues. I do a pre-cut and remove any knots, brush the coat out then it’s into the bath for two shampoos and a thorough rinse until the water runs clear. Now the dryer, I sometimes put a headband to cover the dog’s ears and start to dry at the back end of the dog and work my way to the head, all the time rubbing the dog’s chest all the time talking to relax the dog. Then it’s onto the cut and that can differ from dog to dog. I like to get a feel for the dog and cat with the owners’ requirement in mind. At this point I put the dog on the floor to have a rest and play then its back on the table to finish, ears are plucked and cleared, sanatory areas complete and off the dog goes.  

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Common Questions

The answer differs with each dog, their lifestyle, skin condition and owner’s preference. I would say to look between 6 to 8 weeks and watch out for a pattern to adjust times between visits.

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