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I love puppy pack they are a good way to introduce grooming to the young dog. I sometimes use this for dogs that are very scared and need to spread the groom out a bit and for older dog or dogs with health problems. I use the first visit to introduce the pup to the grooming salon and its smells and noises. I put the puppy on the grooming table and put the harnesses on and gently brush out the coat while talking to the pup and trying not to play. 

The second visit is used for the bath and the dryer, which can be very scary to a pup but doing but by isolating the steps of a full groom we can ease the puppy into it and I can build up the trust which is essential for a happy puppy.

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It really all depends on the puppy, but in my experience yes. If the first groom is done in smaller sessions it’s not too much for the puppy and they don’t feel so overwhelmed.

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